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20 June 2019 Stockholm, Sweden. Welcome to EASIT event 2 "Creating audiovisual information that is easy to understand".


The participation is free. Registration is required. Places are limited - first-come-first-serve basis. 

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About the seminar:

Translators, subtitlers, audio describers, news journalists, and experts in Easy-to-Read and Plain Language are invited to this half-day event on the creation of easy-to-understand audiovisual content. 

EASIT (Easy Access for Social Inclusion Training) is a EU funded project that aims to create training materials for experts in these fields. During the event, we will present the EASIT project and its recent results. 

The program also includes speeches that approach the topic from the view of the end-users, practitioners and researchers. The seminar will be in English.


Thursday 20th of June 08.00-12.00


The event will be held in the premises of The Swedish Institute of Standardisation (SIS), Solnavägen 1 E / Torsplan, 113 65 Stockholm
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Event program: 

Full agenda
Short version agenda




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